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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tomorrow is the premiere of "Scaling Continuous Delivery" at GeeCon 2014

Tomorrow on the 15th of May Ive got a talk at GeeCon in Krakow. Its the first outing of my new talk Scaling Continuous Delivery. The talk is an experience report on all the struggles we have had scaling our continuous delivery rollout. Hopefully the talk will provide an insight to what we have done and the steps we have taken while scaling. Sometimes its not just the end goal that is interesting but also the journey.

Hopefully its will be appreciated.

Here are the slides for the talk

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Upcoming talks

I've gotten the honor to speak at two fantastic conferences this spring.

First one is PipelineConf 8th of april in London where I will talk about the people side of Continuous Delivery. This is the talk Ive had at Netlight EDGE and JDays Conferences though its been update with the experiences from the last 6-8 months of working with Continuous Delivery.

The second one is GeeCon 14th-16th may in Krakow Poland where I will be speaking about Scaling Continuous Delivery. This is a new talk that focuses on lessons learned from our journey to scale continuous delivery from a team of 5 to an organization of 100s.

If you are interested in hearing me speak at a conference, seminar or a workshop. Dont hesitate to contact me.