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Thursday, November 22, 2012

What drives my interest in Continuous Delivery?

I want to mitigate the risk of my presence in a project.

My weaknesses as a individual both privately and professorially are that I'm horrible at following instructions I cant do it once but I'm even worse at doing it multiple times. I´m feel physically sick if I need to do repetitive tasks, I get demotivated and hence I do an even worse job. I also tend to forget to do things because I've got my mind full of other stuff. I'm also very bad at testing. Ive worked with test automation for nearly six years now and I still suck at  good test cases.

What I am good at is creative problem solving, finding solutions to problems and thinking outside the box. I'm also quite good at inspiring people.

This is a horrible combination for any project. This guy who cant follow instructions constantly comes up with new "bright ideas", cant event test them and even worse he gets people to engaged and enthusiastic towards his crazy ideas, do we really want him on our team???

Yes I am a high risk and I need to be mitigated.

In all seriousness, I do love change, I thrive in an ever changing environment. I love the positive energy towards solving problems and not dwelling over them. I love high pace and new challenges. I also do know that in order to do what I love to do the "maintenance" of our work needs to be minimized as its a huge time and cost sink for each project.

The "maintenance" part isnt just our production applications. Its our code, our tests, our mechanisms and of course our production deliveries. Every hour not spent maintaining these is spent on bringing in new business value into the organization and solving fun new challenges.

If I can contribute towards lowering the onetime and run time costs of a delivery then Im satisfied because I know my work has really mattered. Im also satisfied on a personal level because I know that Im spending time solving new problems and not maintaining old problems.

I want to come to work and feel satisfied...