Monday, April 8, 2013

Talk at HiQ 24th of April

Continuous Delivery - Enabling Agile.

The key to agile development is a fast feedback loop. Continuous Delivery strives towards always having tested releases in deliverable state. Continuous Delivery is not just a technical process but a change to the entire organization and the individuals within it. This presentation describes the principles of Continuous Delivery, a brief overview on how it can be implemented, how it changes the organization and how it impacts the individuals.

Target audience for this presentation is Developers, Architects, Testers, Scrum Masters, Project Managers and Product Owners in no particular order. The presentation is not rich in technical detail and based on real life experiences.

Please use this post to provide questions and feedback.



  1. Could we some minutes on continuous integration also, I guess that is needed to do continuous delivery. So some thoughts on CI would be nice too. /JSPR

  2. Yes Continuous Integration is a pre step to CD and I will talk alittle bit about the differences and how the former leads up to the later. But I will not go much into CI practices, technologies and techniques as most companies do alot of it already.

  3. Will you mention anything about the DIFFERENT needs (in process/resources/technical tools) depending on the SIZE of the company and the product to be delivered? Are there any? I have seen a lot of neglect towards this process from SMALLER companies, where they don't seem to realize the effort needed to actually succeed, but instead believe they can lean on developers to just magically produce stabile builds... "ready for demo at any time", which of course creates a lot of stress within the organization! Larger companies seems to take it a bit more serious. So, my question: what to think about that might be different for smaller companies (20 - 30 pers)? /Karin