Monday, June 2, 2014

Blog Series: Continuous Deployment in the Cloud

For my next few posts I am going to focus on writing a series of articles how to do Continuous Delivery & Deployment in a cloud environment. Ive always been a bit cautious when it comes to tutorial style blogs, talks and articles. I usually find them to be too shallow and then never reveal the true issues that need to be solved. This often leads to bad, premature and uninformed decisions made by the consumer of the tutorial.

So instead I am going to try provide a much richer series of articles that focus on how to Architect, Test, Deploy and Deliver in a Cloud environment.

In my conference talks I often talk about the key of having a build data repository that is separate from the build engine (CI Tool). More then once I have been asked if I can open source this our tool. Well Im not sure has been my answer. So instead Ive decided to implement a new similar tool and open source it. Im going to over architect it a bit on purpose as its going to be the main example in the article series. The Process Implementation in this series is going to use that tool as its build repo.

This is how the Process Implementation will look like. I will go deeper into this picture as I move forward but a few quick words about it.

The key to a scaleable CD process is for it to be independent of its runtime environment. The CD process drawn here can be executed from a Build Environment and/or a Dev Environment. The dev can push from his own environment right into production or he/she can let the build environment do it from him/her. Regardless of where the process is initiated it will be executed in the same way and it will integrate with the build data repository to which it reports any events that happen on that build and its also from where it gets its version number.

Will I talk about tooling this time? Yes I will. This article will be based on Git as SCM, AWS as Test and Prod Runtime Environments, Travis CI as Build Environment and Gradle as Build Tool but I still have not decided upon test tool most likely it will be RESTAssured.

This series will take some time to write and will mostly be done during the later part of this summer and the fall. If you are interested in this article series and/or the build data repository then please +1 this article to show me that there is interest.


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